How to use Official Letterhead with VerifiableLetter?

Official Letterhead Solution

In contemporary world, most communication is electronic. Paper letter is way less frequent than used to be. It is getting less frequent to print it on paper, but business communication will always remain important. World is becoming more digital, and with it business communication needs to adapt.

No matter the way your business use company letterhead, you may still need to have an official letterhead. As a result, you should know how to design a business letterhead?

Some of you may remember, Letterhead has been a custom pre-printed stationery. Before personal computers were common, when a company wanted to communicate with the outside world, someone would grab a sheet of the company’s letterhead, put it in a typewriter, and type out a letter, which would be placed in a matching envelope, sealed, stamped, and put in the mail.

While e-mail may be used more frequently today, the effective business letterhead remains a common form of written business communication.

Official Letterhead
Communication on Letterhead with VerifiableLetter

You might wonder, why would anyone care about official letterhead anymore? In reality, there are still many occasions when sending messages on paper is advantageous (and sometimes even required), and your letterhead is a component of your brand image. A well-designed letterhead, printed professionally on premium paper, is just another way of saying, “I care about quality in every aspect of my business.”

Verify your business with VerifiableLetter and start using a Secure Letterhead today!

Company Letterhead

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