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Every Business, Govt. Entities, Activist groups, and Non-profit organizations publish various brochures, pamphlets, and flyers. All entities can offer more options for their marketing materials by using VerifiableLetter.

Mainly they can benefit in two ways. First with a unique QR code on the marketing material, they can offer a digital version of the materials to their customers. By scanning the QR code, your customers can easily view and download a digital copy of the material.

Secondly, the unique QR code added to your Digital Letterhead on your marketing material offers a security layer to your marketing. When the brochure is verifiable with a single scan of the QR code, nobody can change or cheat in your marketing. A customer would easily recognize the fake brochure by either absence of the QR code or by scanning the QR code with their phone.

For example, a political party issues a flyer for marketing. It’s possible that an opponent plays trick by changing it with the similar looking flyer that is not so positive about the original publishing party.

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