Professional Letterhead – Why Every Reputable Business Needs it?

A professional letterhead is a must for a business for many reasons. VerifiableLetter is a unique solution to many problems Businesses face. Let’s explain a few below.

Easy Letterhead Management

Your business needs a company letterhead for authentic business communication. Over years of business, it costs time and money to maintain records. With VerifiableLetter, you can take care of the archives along with cost savings. VerifiableLetter relieves you from having to get the professional Letterhead pre-printed and yet produce a verifiable document that can be easily verified by the receiver.

Prevent Fraud before it happens

Many times, fraudster commit fraud by cheating people in the name of a genuine business. For example, a conman cheated an innocent student in India with a fake admission letter from a well known university and a visa letter from Canada Immigration. In terms of look and feel, the letters were as good as a genuine letter. The trusting student had no way to verify whether the letter was genuine. He paid 16 Lakhs Rupees (~US$30000) to study abroad. When he reached the airport, he was denied boarding the plane due to fake visa.

If the university and CIC were to issue VerifiableLetter, it would become so easy for the receivers to verify the authenticity of the document. It can save many families and aspiring students from loosing life savings.

Letter Templates

Businesses need to write wide variety of letters. It takes a lot of efforts to prepare a professional and legally suitable letter for every occasion. With Verifiableletter, your business can save significant time on preparing letters for various purposes. We have range of templates and more templates are often added to enhance your experience.

Professional Letterhead

Answer Rumors Silently

With competition growing in almost every vertical of industries, it’s more likely to have many competitors to every business. Truly, competition is not necessarily a bad thing, but a jealous competitor may harm your product or service with a bad publicity. A business that aims to stay ahead of the game, plans their defence before any of it’s weakness be misused by it’s competitors. Especially, many businesses spend hefty amounts to avoid any incident that may be used by competitors to disrepute the business.

Social media and other medium has offered immense power to end users. With rising customer expectations, it has become so common for any business to have some unhappy and even some frustrated customers. In some cases, the frustrated customer present the case on the social media as if it was the bad customer service of the business responsible for their bad experience. Often said, what is visible easily, sells easily. People often believe the first storyteller and barely go out of their way to find out the truth behind the story.

In both above cases, business loses customers almost unaware of the reasons. VerifiableLetter offers an easy solution to this problem.

A VerifiableLetter customer always sends communication to their customers on a professional letterhead with a unique QR code. As a result, the receiver or viewer can verify whether the communication was genuinely sent from the business. Anytime a bad player tries to spread rumour about a business, the business can easily counter the rumour asking people to seek the QR code to see the true communication.

VerifiableLetter offers many more features and benefits..

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Company Letterhead

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