Enhancing Business Protection with Verifiable Letter: A Guide to Integrating Verification Links on Your Website

What is Business Protection by Verifiable Letter?

In today’s climate of increasing brand impersonation and scams, authenticating your business communications is essential. Protecting your business is no longer optional—it’s vital. Last year(2023) alone, fraud victims in Canada lost $569 million, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Scammers often reinvest these funds to perpetrate further frauds, typically initiating their schemes by masquerading under legitimate business names to deceive victims. This underscores the critical need for businesses to safeguard their brand identity from misuse by fraudsters.

Verifiable Letter offers a robust solution with two key features: “Verify My Letter” and “Business Protected by VerifiableLetter.” Adding these links to your website not only strengthens your brand’s credibility but also actively deters scammers. Excitedly, you can start your business protection at no cost. Sign up today to get started!

For recipients of communications, please note that any correspondence from a business protected by VerifiableLetter includes a unique code in the letter’s footer. Use this letter ID to verify the authenticity of the communication. Additionally, you may also confirm that the content matches the original sent by the business. Click below link to Verify before you click or act on the correspondence.

Implementation Steps:

  1. Placement: Incorporate the “Verify My Letter” and “Business Protected by VerifiableLetter” links in a prominent area of your website, such as the footer or header. This visibility reassures your customers that they are dealing with legitimate communications.
  2. Design: Use clear, branded design elements that align with your website’s overall aesthetic. This not only draws attention to the verification links but also integrates seamlessly with your brand identity.
  3. Functionality: Ensure that the links lead to a simple, user-friendly verification process. This ease of access is vital for encouraging users to verify the authenticity of the communications they receive.
  4. Communication: Educate your customers through your website and other marketing channels about how they can use these links to verify the authenticity of the letters they receive from . This education is crucial for effective use of the verification tools.

Verify My Letter link should point to Use below Code to paste it at a suitable prominent location on your website.

<!-- Place this link in the footer or header for best visibility -->
<a href="" title="Verify your letter for authenticity">Verify My Letter</a>

Brand Protected by VerifiableLetter should point to

<!-- Place this link in the footer or header for best visibility -->
<a href="" title="Learn how our brand protection works">Business Protected by VerifiableLetter</a>

Feel free to adjust the anchor text to better fit your website’s design, although we recommend keeping the original wording for consistency and recognition. For example, you may use Letterhead Protected instead of Business Protected.


  • Trust and Credibility: Enhances customer trust by providing a straightforward method to verify communications.
  • Scam Prevention: Reduces the risk of scammers successfully impersonating your brand.
  • Customer Engagement: Increases customer engagement by demonstrating your commitment to security and transparency.

Integrating Verifiable Letter’s verification links into your website is a proactive step towards safeguarding your brand and nurturing trust with your customers. By making these features easily accessible, you not only protect your brand but also empower your customers to verify the authenticity of their interactions with your business.

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